​KHD vision 

Our business is built upon strong relationships.  We want to know our clients, what is important to them and that providing consistent quality earns trust and loyalty.  We believe in the efficacy, safety and simplicity of natural ingredients.  We believe it is time for everyone to start caring about what they use on their hair and body.  We believe that nature has provided us with the means to protect and take care of ourselves!

KHD Core Values:
Passion - the driving force behind the reasons we do what we do!
Trust - knowing you can rely on, count on and fall back on each other.
Education - passing knowledge and skills from one generation to the next - the learning process should never end!
Respect - taking each other’s feelings, needs, thoughts, ideas, wishes, and preferences into consideration.
Unity - being in harmony and agreement with one another.

Fun - committing to having the best attitude.

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       Fun is an attitude. Fun is a choice.